Duct Cleaning

Did you know that approximately 40 pounds of dust is created each year in an average sized home?

Dust, pollen, dander, bacteria, mold spores, chemicals and other contaminants are pulled into your HVAC system where they are circulated throughout your ducts and home each day. Those air pollutants and contaminants can cause complications for those with respiratory health issues, autoimmune disorders and environmental allergies.

If a structure has suffered fire, smoke or soot damage, an integral part of the structural cleaning/deodorization process is thorough duct cleaning in order to remove those contaminants from the ducts and prevent them from being recirculated throughout the structure.

If you see mold on or around your ducts, it’s important that you contact an experienced technician to clean your ducts. Mold is often transported throughout your structure through your HVAC ducts.

Contaminants not only affect air quality, but can cause your HVAC system to work harder and less efficiently, which can lead to a shortened system life. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 25% to 40% of the energy required to heat or cool a home is wasted.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect your air duct system before proceeding with the duct cleaning. We then clean all registers and grills, as well as your entire air duct system using the source removal method recommended by the EPA.